Human Centered Visualization Research

Mission Statement

Interfaces and Visualizations are ubiquitous tools that shape our view on data and thereby shape our view of the world. Vislab is a collaborative laboratory that engages in developing, conceptualizing, and scrutinizing data-driven representations in the areas of geography, technology, and culture.


FIFA World Cup 2018

A data-driven exploration.

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in the age of the quantified self.

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Green Berlin

Tangible data visualization of green areas and water in Berlin.

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Broadband Berlin

Berlin's road towards a connected future.

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In this project we are exploring how visualization based interfaces are used and the effects they have on our perception of reality and society.

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This project focusses on interfaces and visualizations regarding digital cultural heritage. For example questioning processes of exclusion and inclusion within data visualization.

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Sebastian Meier

Sebastian Meier is working in the field of data visualization and interface design. He investigates the intersection of design, technology, and society.

Katrin Glinka

Katrin Glinka is a cultural scientist. She is working with digital cultural heritage and develops new approaches for interfaces and visualizations in the context of art history, institutional critique, and visualization research.


Laboratory for human centered
Visualization Reserach GbR